Coffee Outside – The Ultimate Guide for Drinking Coffee in Nature

Every coffee drinker has a favorite coffee, this is more than goes beyond you favourite brewing method, it’s also the time and setting, it could be a nice sunny morning at a bistro table, the espresso after a long run. One of my personal favourites is a freshly brewed moka pot in the woods. Here’s how you can be at one with nature and enjoy the finest of brews. coffee by a campfire outside in nature Why Drink Coffee Outside?There’s something very harmonious about enjoying a process outdoors that is usually enjoyed indoors, and brewing a delicious coffee, away from the busy streets, and away from the household chores, is something everyone should experience. Speaking of experiences there are some brilliant experiences out there if you want to enjoy coffee outdoors, whether in the UK or up in the arctic circle, these look like great experiences!

What Gear Do You Need to Brew Coffee in Nature?

There are many different ways to brew coffee in nature. It does kind of come down to your personal tastes because where there’s a will, there’s a way for most techniques, of course taking your own automatic espresso machine is going to be next to impossible, but there are still tried and tested methods for enjoying coffee outdoors. We’d recommend the following three brewing methods and products as the best way to go about it Moka pot - Probably the simplest and most hassle free method of brewing outdoors, as you don’t need to bring a separate kettle. Just fill with water and freshly ground beans, then you can enjoy some strong fresh coffee. I however do like to boil a bit of water to make it into an americano, or to transfer to my flask for longer journeys. AeroPress - You will also need some method to boil water, but if that’s not a problem, then the AeroPress is a surefire way to brew great espresso outdoors. Sturdy Aluminium French Press - We say sturdy, because glass ones can break, but a nice aluminium french press is both lightweight and durable and can take a few dings here and there. You will also need a hand grinder, that is for certain, so you can grind the beans fresh to the correct coarseness that your brewing method requires. Check our guide on the best grinders, including hand grinders! A little pot to keep your beans in, preferably pre-measured so that you don’t need to bring any scales. And if you need to boil water too, something to boil it in, I love a stainless steel Nalgene water bottles, as these can just be placed on the fire to boil and serve as a great water carrier.

Coffee Receptacles - A Cup to Sip Anywhere

The art of having the perfect cup for coffee out in nature. What do you like to drink from? Do you like to sit and enjoy a nice coffee with a view, or do you prefer to make a nice coffee for on the move?  If you like to sit and enjoy your coffee, then any lightweight cup will do, I always appreciate a nice coffee out of an enamel cup, there's something that feels very nostalgic about using one of these cups and their lightweight and sturdy nature means they’ll survive many a hike. On the downside is they aren’t very insulated and coffees tend to cool down quickly. If you want to brew and then move, then a nice insulated flask or coffee cup will keep you hitting any distance goals.

How to Get Great Photos of Your Coffee Outside- Packing Essentials and Important Tips

This chapter will cover the essential gear you need to take great photos of your coffee outside and some tips to make your photos even better. - Camera: A camera is an essential tool for taking high-quality photos. It doesn't matter if you have a DSLR or just a smartphone, as long as you have one with a camera that can take pictures in low light. The more megapixels, the better it will be for your photos. - Tripod: A tripod is also an essential tool for taking high quality images. If you want to take a picture of something in motion, like people or cars moving by, then it's best not to use the timer function on your camera because it can lead to blurry images. A tripod will keep your camera steady and help avoid blurry

Conclusion - You're ready! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the outdoors with a nice cup of coffee.

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