The Ultimate Guide to Flat Whites – Origins and History

Introduction: What is a Flat White?

A Flat White is a coffee beverage made of espresso and steamed milk. It is sometimes served with a small amount of foam on top.

The term "flat white" was coined in Australia in the 1980s, but it has now spread to many other countries, becoming increasingly a main staple of any coffee bar menu. We serve about as many Flat Whites as we do Cappuccinos, which goes to show just how popular they are. (It's going to take some beating to knock the latte off the top though).

Flat whites are usually served in 8oz, and is basically just smaller latte. But with less milk, you get a more intense coffee flavour, which makes it the perfect on-the-go drink for commuting, as well as the perfect way to soften up your coffee with just the right amount of milk.

How Did the Flat White Get its Name

The flat white is a coffee drink that is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. You'll see that a cappuccino has a bulbous top as that milk gets deliciously frothed up. Whereas the origins of the flat white came from baristas using skimmed milk that wouldn't froth up. Nowadays, we like to use steamed milk to give it that rich texture without creating too much (if any) foam on top.

This drink was first introduced to the public in 1980s by James Withers who was a barista at Coffee Culture. He made this drink for his customers who wanted their coffee with less milk or cream and more flavour.

Why Is the Flat White So Popular?

The flat white is a popular drink in United Kingdom. It is a simple and easy to make coffee that has the best of both worlds, the milk doesn't overpower the taste of the coffee beans and it softens the taste up for those that want something more than a short espresso or macchiato.

For milk alternative that can sometimes be a little strong tasting, it gives the coffee a chance to be the most prominent taste in the cup.

Flat Whites in Different Countries

A flat white is a coffee drink which is made from espresso shots, steamed milk and a small amount of foam that is typically about one inch in depth.

The term "flat white" was first coined by the Australian coffee company, Flat White Coffee Company.

The flat white has become popular in many countries around the world since it was first introduced in Australia. It is now available in many countries including Canada, New Zealand, India, Ireland and United States.

Conclusion: The All-You-Need-To-Know Guide to Flat Whites

This section will provide tips on how to make the perfect flat white.

The perfect flat white consists of just the espresso shot and milk will be microfoamed so it doesn't have any froth on top of it. The best flat whites require the real technique for steaming the milk to perfection, you only want a couple of those *tsk* sounds as air enters the milk, then the rest you want to be stretching the milk out so it provides a nice, glossy finish on the milk as it is swilled around the pitcher.

What results is a coffee that is not bulbous around the top, but smooth and rich microfoam.

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