Pascal the Citroen HY Espresso Bar

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Welcome to Make Espresso, the digital home of Pascal, our retro, sustainability minded and quality focussed  coffee truck! You can find us at community events in the Kent area. We are also available for private hire to bring delicious coffee and other specialty drinks directly to your event. Let trained and passionate baristas serve you the most delicious coffee out of a head-turning, classic vehicle.
The best coffee is best for everyone, no matter where you are!

Make Espresso

Make Coffee at Home

To enjoy delicious Espresso and specialty coffee  at  home, you do need to find the most suitable equipment for you tastes, space and needs.

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How to Make Espresso

Learn the fundamentals of great espresso and how to use this knowledge with your new equipment to make great espresso.

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How to Choose Coffee Beans

Learn how to decypher between different types of coffee beans, from the location to the roast and know how to use this information for home brewing.

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Great Quality - Reduced Impact.

Like many people in the world today, you are starting to think more about how you can reduce your environmental impact. But we don't have to diminish our standard of living by doing so. We collectively drink billions of coffees a year, and much of that isn't grown and processed in a way that is harmonious with the environment. Here at MakeEspresso, we are striving to inform, educate and lead by example for a lower impact to enjoy our favourite drink. 


No compromises, enjoy the best, environmental specialty coffees and enjoy them in a sustainable way.

Meet Pascal

Mobile Espresso bar

The journey from hobbyist to enthusiast to business owners has all been facilitated by Pascal, our mobile espresso bar available for hire in The South East of England. Find out more about Pascal and all the events that he has driven himself to, what makes him so special and how a little van is built in the vision of a company that wants to do better.

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Why Make Espresso?

Put simply, we believe we can make a difference, we know we can share our passion and expertise, and if you'll let us, we will serve you great coffee, or point you in the right direction to be able to make the best coffee you can, from home, abroad or even out hiking.


If you have any questions or want to book Pascal out for your event, please get in contact via the contact form or email us at

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