Victoria Arduino Mythos One Review – One Year On

In my pursuit of specialty coffee perfection, I recently upgraded from a Eureka Zenith doser grinder to the renowned Mythos One. This transition has proven to be invaluable, as the Mythos One not only delivers an incredibly consistent grind but also demonstrates remarkable speed. These attributes have rendered it an ideal fit for my off-grid specialty coffee van (available for weddings), where precise control over various factors is of paramount importance.

After a year of use, I'm in a good position to review it, as there are things it obviously excels at, and some things you'd expect better from a £2.5k commercial grinder. Overall I will say it's an amazing grinder and perfect for my setup, but read on to see if it will suit you.

About the Victoria Arduino Mythos One

You might have already read a lot about the Mythos one, but to summarise the grinder, it is It's an on-demand grinder that's all about making life easier for coffee pros by delivering consistently great grinds and a more comfortable user experience. With features like the Clima Pro technology to keep temperatures just right and the Clump Crusher system to make sure your coffee grounds are as smooth as possible, it's no wonder people are loving this grinder.

As for Victoria Arduino, they're known for creating some seriously cool coffee gear. The Victoria Arduino brand was acquired by the Simonelli Group in the early 2000's and have released the Mythos One under both brands, so if you are searching around the web, you may see references to both. The Mythos One is just one example of how they're all about making great coffee even greater. By focusing on what baristas and coffee lovers need, they've created a coffee grinder that's not only a handy tool but also a game-changer for anyone looking to up their coffee game. My goal was to improve my espresso and the Victoria Arduino Mythos One has enabled that.

My Experience with the Mythos One

Since starting in 2020, I was always been on the lookout for the grinder that would elevate my product. So, when I got my hands on the Mythos One grinder, I was beyond excited to see how it would transform my brewing experience. From its consistency and speed to its unique features and overall performance, the Mythos One promised to be a game-changer for my specialty coffee endeavours. It fits nicely next to my Pavoni Lever Espresso machine and has transformed the way I make coffee. Read on to discover my journey with this exceptional grinder and how it has shaped my pursuit of coffee perfection.

  • Delivers incredibly consistent grinds

  • I grind 18grams in usually around 6 seconds

  • Adaptable for my off-grind setting

  • Clima Pro Technology when plugged in works great

  • 75mm Burr tilted orientation great for cleaning and maintenance

My experience with the Mythos One has been nothing short of transformative, as it has provided a multitude of positive aspects that have greatly enriched my pursuit of specialty coffee perfection. One of the most significant advantages of this grinder is its ability to deliver incredibly consistent grinds, which is vital for achieving the perfect espresso. When combined with its remarkable speed, the Mythos One has proven to be an invaluable asset in my off-grid specialty coffee van, where precision and efficiency are of the utmost importance.

75mm Burr Set Tilted Orientation

I'm a huge fan of the tilted burr setup found in the Mythos One. The flat burrs offer exceptional access for cleaning, ensuring that the grinder remains in top-notch condition with minimal effort. Additionally, this design results in very little grind retention, which contributes to a more efficient and precise grinding process. Moreover, the easy maintenance aspect of the tilted burr setup is yet another reason why I find it so appealing, as it allows me to focus on perfecting my coffee-making skills without worrying about complicated upkeep.

Power Consumption

The grinder's adaptability to my power setup has allowed me to tailor its performance to meet the specific needs of my mobile coffee business. This level of customisation ensures that I can consistently provide my customers with the highest quality coffee possible, even in an off-grid setting, which is how I serve coffee most of the time.

The official manual says the wattage on a 240v system is 450, but without the Climacool action, whilst grinding, we use around 350watts with the surge for start-up being hitting 700 watt peak.

Mixed Bag Portafilter Holder

The Mythos One portafilter holder is designed to securely hold a spouted portafilter in place. This hands-free operation feature is a helpful one for busy baristas, as it streamlines the brewing process and allows for increased productivity during peak hours. However, it really only works consistently enough with a spouted portafilter as the spout provides a tension point for the portafilter to stay in place, so a bottomless portafilter will tend to slip out of that position, at best negating the point of being a hands free process, and at worst, causing it to slip and cause coffee grinds to not be deposited into the basket.

Amazing Build Quality

The high-quality construction and robustness of the Mythos One are also noteworthy, as they are indicative of the grinder's durability and longevity. Its substantial footprint and considerable weight may initially seem like drawbacks, but they are in fact evidence of the machine's solid build quality. This ensures that the Mythos One can withstand the rigors of daily use, making it an excellent long-term investment for any coffee professional or enthusiast.

The large hopper capacity of the Mythos One, which can hold up to 2 kilograms of beans, is yet another advantage. This feature allows baristas to grind large quantities of coffee without constantly refilling the hopper, resulting in a more efficient workflow

Some Annoyances Waste Management and Portafilter Compatibility

Waste Management and Portafilter Compatibility Although the Mythos One boasts numerous impressive features, it does struggle with waste management, particularly in terms of the chute's design. The current configuration of the chute causes coffee grounds to be scattered in various directions, which compromises the accuracy of the grind delivery into the portafilter. When striving for a precise 18-gram dose of coffee, the loss of two to three grams due to the chute's inefficiency can lead to significant waste and inconsistency in extraction.

Moreover, this wastage can have a detrimental impact on profit margins, as the loss of two to three grams per cup quickly accumulates. In the context of a specialty coffee business, where precision and consistency are paramount, this issue can adversely affect customer satisfaction and overall success. To resolve this problem, the chute could be redesigned or repositioned to ensure a more accurate and controlled delivery of coffee grounds into the portafilter. By addressing this concern, the Mythos One could further enhance its reputation as a reliable and indispensable tool for coffee aficionados in their pursuit of the perfect cup.


The overspill from a single 18g dose. You can see how this would add up.

The portafilter holder itself is a noteworthy feature, as it is designed to securely hold a spouted portafilter in place, allowing for hands-free operation. However, it is not without its shortcomings. In particular, the holder struggles to accommodate bottomless portafilters, which tend to slip away from the auto push button and fail to maintain a level position. This issue exacerbates the aforementioned problem of coffee grounds spilling all over the place.

Is the Mythos One a Good Home Grinder?

The Mythos One grinder, while undeniably exceptional in terms of performance and features, might be considered too large and excessive for home use. Its substantial footprint and considerable weight, as well as its professional-grade capabilities, make it better suited for commercial settings or serious coffee enthusiasts with ample space. For casual home users, this powerful grinder could be perceived as a bit more than necessary, and you might opt for something a little more compact and affordable option that still delivers great results, of which there are plenty home coffee grinder options out there.


In summary, my experience with the Mythos One has been largely positive, as the grinder has significantly improved my ability to achieve specialty coffee perfection. Its consistency, speed, and adaptability to my power setup make it an invaluable asset in my coffee van. While there are a few minor issues with waste management and portafilter compatibility, these drawbacks do not detract from the overall utility of the machine. By addressing these concerns and optimising certain design elements, the Mythos One has the potential to become an even more indispensable tool for coffee enthusiasts in their pursuit of excellence.


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